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Our Griffin  Range of lubricants are manufactured in Melbourne and meet and often exceed Industry Certifications including SAE, API, ACEA and ISO Guidelines. All our  range products are full "Standards Australia QCSE" compliant   



Extreme Temperature Anti-Seize Compound


Product Description


Griffin Copper Anti-Seize grease is lead free and specifically formulated with a high content of specially selected fine solid copper lubricants for the lubrication and protection of metal-to-metal parts in Hammers and the like. The solid particles gives the product excellent performance as an anti-seize compound preventing wear, welding and thus allowing easy assembly and disassembly of parts even after the base oil is burn off.


This product also contains extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives that assist in providing maximum protection in highly corrosive environments and in the most adverse high temperature conditions. 




Griffin Copper Anti-Seize grease will protect assemblies across a wide range of extreme temperature, -30CºC to 1100ºC +. Providing:

  • Good Mechanical stability

  • Prevents wear and welding

  • Excellent load carrying ability

  • Use in very hot conditions

  • Use in very corrosive conditions


This product is suitable for the following applications:

  • All types of Hammers

  • Oilfield drill pipe thread, collars, joints and coring tools 

  • Use in Chemical, Petrochemical, and Gas industries

  • All rotary shouldered connections and tool joints

  • Bolts, nuts, brake linkages casings and threaded fittings where via heating and/or tightness of the joint and ease of removal are preferred. 

Apply sparingly by grease gun or brush to all components. For threaded components apply by brush to the threads prior to assembly for optimum performance.




180kg drum, 20kg pail, 450gm cartridges and 200g tubs.

Typical Physical Characteristics



Base oil                                        mineral

Soap                                             Non Soap

Cu Corrosion (ASTM D4048)    1b

Solid Content                             18%

Temperature range                     -30CºC to 1100ºC

NOTE. :  Values stated herein are typical and do not represent a specification.


Product Data Sheet              Safety Data Sheet 



MULTI PURPOSE 222 GREASE is an extra high performance multi-purpose grease intended for a large variety of applications.


Recommended for use in applications where high thermal resistance is required such as wheel bearings, chassis, high speed ball and roller bearings, boat trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, winches etc. and other applications requiring grease lubrication.



  • Extreme Pressure

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Superior resistance to water

  • High thermal resistance

  • Rust and oxidation inhibitors

The recommended temperature range is from -25°C to 175°C; however it may be used intermittently up to 200°C with the lubrication frequency to be increased accordingly.

Safety Data Sheet 



Blue Marine Grease is a high temperature extreme pressure grease which lubricates at temperatures of up to 170ºC. Marine Grease retains its consistency even at these temperatures to provide more cushioning and sealing protection, resulting in lower operating temperatures and less noise, friction and wear.

The formulation of Marine Grease, which includes lithium and polymers that are blended in a unique manufacturing process, ensures that it is drawn into moving components, reducing grease loss and minimizing usage.



Unlike most high temperature greases, Marine Grease has excellent pump ability at low temperatures. It provides maximum anti-wear and extreme pressure protection under heavy and high shock loads, both at low and high temperatures and speeds.

Marine Grease adheres to components in all conditions, reducing oxidisation and extending lubrication intervals. Because of its characteristics it provides optimum protection against acid corrosion, water (including salt water) and condensation and resists washout.

Marine Grease is suitable for everyday use wherever grease is required for corrosion protection or lubrication, including use under the most demanding climates. It is recommended for both anti-friction bearings and bushings in light to heavy duty service. It is especially suited for wheel bearings and chassis lubrication of boat trailers and vehicles that tow or launch boats. It is also highly recommended for the protection of wire ropes and open gears and a wide range of deck equipment where it will protect and lubricate screws, hinges, turnbuckles, etc. It is applied by traditional methods if used as wire rope or open gear lubricant.

Marine Grease is highly recommended for all marine applications and areas that call for extreme pressure grease.


Marine Grease saves lost production time and money by reducing inventory grease consumption, labour costs, down time and extending equipment life. Where routine preventative maintenance is practiced, Marine Grease has proven to be the most effective way of extending component and machinery life.


MPORTANT: When first applying Marine Grease, the best results are obtained by cleaning or purging previously used grease from the component or bearing.

Safety Data Sheet