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Grantham Ventures Australia - Environmental Position

Grantham Industrial Lubricants (Grantham) recognizes that our industry can have an impact on Environmental Sustainability, so we will take active steps to act responsible and mitigate any potential negative impact.


Policies and procedures 

Grantham will adhere to strict internal Environmental policies and procedures.

  • These policies and procedures will be updated regularly to ensure we fully comply with the latest standards;

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, planning policies and related initiatives;

  • Set environmental objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement;

  • Maintain an actively policy to recycle and reuse;

  • Measure, monitor and report on environmental management initiatives;

  • Incorporate environmental better practice into our core business plans and management processes;

  • Undertake responsible resource management practices that aim to prevent pollution and reduce waste.


Product Sourcing

Grantham will only source products from suppliers meeting and adhering to active responsible environmental controls. Grantham selects its suppliers by formally approving them in order to ensure that they comply with Environmentally sustainable benchmarks it sets for itself.


Product tracing.

To ensure quality of environmental integrity of the products we supply, Grantham expect from its suppliers a total and reversible traceability system that covers the various stages of production and distribution of all the products it sells.

Each packaging features precise coding, so products can be traced and the dates, places and production conditions can be rapidly known.


Product Quality

Grantham will only source the highest quality product with a focus on the extension of the life of the product to assist in minimising replacement of product.


Environmentally friendly products

Grantham will work with suppliers to find environmentally friendly product alternatives to supply customers. In this regard we can already supply a large range of certified Bio degradable, NSF and FDA approved products.  


Product Life extension

Grantham can supply technical knowhow and a large range of equipment and techniques, to assist clients in the extension of the life of products.  


Product recycling

Grantham will assist its clients to ensure the highest standard and level of recycling of any of the products it supplies.  


Product end of life

Grantham will expect that its customers dispose of used products in an environmentally responsible manner. Grantham will offer support and advice to ensure customers adhere to responsible disposal of used product, standards.