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Grantham Industrial Lubricants in conjunction with our partners at MotulTech, UE Systems and DesCase have developed a series of training sessions to create a better understanding of the intricacies involved of keeping equipment operational at the best practice levels.


Our courses can be tailor made to fit with time constraints of our clients and we can do inhouse training on times and dates that will suit our clients best. We also have shorter versions of all the training available that will cover the most important elements of each course to fit in with the time demands of today's workplace. 

Contamination Control

Contamination in lubricants is a major contributor to equipment failure

Our one day or half day course will help to:

  • Identify the reasons for contamination in lubricants;

  • Different types of contamination in lubricants and how to avoid them;

  • Help to understand and interpret the ISO readings on contamination.


Lubricant selection

Not all lubricants are the same. Motultech has a range of more than 230 different lubricants. Choosing the incorrect lubricant can lead to unnecessary deterioration of the life of equipment. Choosing the correct lubricant for each application is therefore an important skill.   

Our one day or half day course will help to understand

  • Difference application for grease and oil

  • Roll of additives

  • Difference between mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils

  • The reason for alternative base oils such as esters etc. 


Correct grease application for bearings


Adding too much grease to a bearing can cause as many failures as adding too little grease to a bearing.


Our half day course will teach how to ensure both the correct grease for each application is applied as well as how to ensure the correct amount of grease is applied.