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Our GiPremium  lubricants consist of a range of Premium Lubricant products Products". New products  are added on a regular basis. Contact us for more information on the current full list of products. and pricing 

Heavy Duty Engine oils
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The Range of GiPREMIUM  Industrial lubricants is constantly increasing and currently consist of the following products: 

  • Supra Chain MPL 320 Aerosol Chain Oil (currently our biggest seller)

  • Full range of Hydraulic oils

  • Full range of Gear oils

  • Specialist Motor oils

  • Range of Industrial Greases





Supra Chain MPL 320 is a high performance industrial gear and chain oil developed to used in industrial chain lubrication, even under high loads and sever shocks

  • Good wear protection and shear stable performance

  • The High performance, Sulphur -phosphorus EP additive system provides excellent load carrying capacity to protect chains against surface stress

  • Excellent oxidation inhibitors

  • Good thermal stability 

  • Supra Chain MPL 320 is supplied in a 300g Aerosol can. 

Product Data Sheet