Heavy Duty Diesel Oil 


Lubricant for Heavy Duty Diesel engines ACEA E7/E9 Low SAPS

Tekma Mega+ 15W40 is a lubricant especially designed for the latest generation of Trucks, busses, construction machinery, farm machinery, stationary engines and boat engines running with low sulfur fuel (< 500 ppm) Low emissions turbo Diesel direct injection engines, Euro II and Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V or Euro VI  emission regulation compliant, fitted with EGR System (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) and/or SCR (Selected Catalyst Reduction) system and with or without DFP (Diesel Particulate Filter), working in highly severe conditions of load and service, requiring an engine oil ACEA E9 "Low SAPS" with reduced content of sulfated ash (<1.0%) Phosphorus (0.12%) and Sulfur <0.4%) 

TEKMA Mega+ 15W40 can be used as single lubricant in case of fleet composed of new and old generation engines.  


Tekma Mega+ can be used as a single lubricant in case of a fleet composed of new and old generation engines.


API CK-4 performance ensures protection and longevity of engines fitted with EGR systems:

  • Enhanced anti-oxidation properties; protection against soot build up and filter plugging.

  • Superior protection against viscosity loss due to shear

  • Superior protection against catalyst poisoning, particulate filter blocking, engine wear and piston deposits

  • Viscosity grade at cold temperature minimizes wear at cold temperatures, easy start up

  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust , anti-foam


Standards:                ACEA E7 (replaces E5 and E3)/E9

                                  API CK-4 / SN

Approvals:               MACK EOS 4.5,

                                 MB-Approval 228.31,

                                 RVI RLD-3,

                                 VOLVO VDS-4.5 

Performances:        CATERPILLAR ECF-3,

                                 MTU Type 2.1,

                                 CUMMINS CES 20086,

                                 MAN M 3775, 

                                 DQC III-10 LA,

                                 DFS 93K222,

                                 Ford WSS-M2C171-F1


Also suitable for IVECO, DAF .... when an ACEA E3/E5 lubricant is required


Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils. ​


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Lubricant for Diesel Engines. Naturally aspirated or Turbocharged

Tekma Mega Fleet a lubricant for all low emissions American or Japanese engines naturally aspirated or turbocharged, fitted with EGR System (Exhaust Gas Reticulation) wherein manufacturer recommends 15W40 viscosity grade and API CI-4 engine oil.

Can be used for trucks, bulldozers,construction machinery, generators, buses, farm machinery, marine engines and older generation engines


Standards            API CI-4/SL

Performances     ACEA E7

                            CUMMINS CES 20076 / 77 / 78,

                            MACK EO-M PLUS,

                            MAN M 3275-1,  

                            MB 228.3, RVI RLD-2,

                            VOLVO VDS-3,

                            CATERPILLAR ECF-1a

                            GLOBAL DHD-1,

                            MTU TYPE II 

Tekma Mega Fleet provides an excellent soot handling performance for an optimum engine protection and durability

  • Effective controls oil thickening phenomenon to prevent deposits and wear

  • Good anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties for a perfect engine condition

  • Good oil evaporation rate for lower oil consumption

Can be mixed with synthetic and mineral oils

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D-POWER 10W is a monograde lubricant for diesel engines. It is also suitable for hydrolic systems, torque convertors and mechanical transmissions when engine oil is recommended by manufacturers.


  • Diesel engines of on and off-highway vehicles and stationary equipment

  • Moble plant hydraulic equipment where an SAE 10Woil is specified


  • Excellent friction control for reduced wear and less noise

  • Good oxidation stability for improved system cleanliness

  • Protects against rust and corrosion which results in extended equipment life and lower maintenance costs

  • Excellent viscosity-temperature properties even at lower temperatures


Data Sheet

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