Circulating Oil 

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RUBRIC HH are multipurpose circulating oils designed for usage in a wide range of industrial equipment.


  • Prevents sludge and deposit formation

  • Excellent air and water separation to minimize surface wear

  • Compatable with all conventional materials and mineral type circulating oils

  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability


  • ISO 6743/1 AN

  • ISO 6743/4, type HH 

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RUBRIC MG are premium quality oils, they are specifically formulated from highly refined base oils with a high viscocity index and innovative additive system to enhance anti-wear, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure properties. .....


  • Excellent demulsibility and air separate properties, to help reduce wear and corrosion on bearings that provide smooth and efficient operation

  • Excellent anti-oxidation and thermal degradation to provide long oil life

  • Strong oil film and good anti-wear properties; to help protect bearing system from wear and corrosion

  • Good extreme pressure properties; to help protect bearing under high-load operations and high-speed rolling

  • Low carbon forming tendency to help keep bearing cleanliness under severe operating conditions

  • Compatable with all types of filters 

  • Zinc-free



  • Morgan No-Twist® Mill

  • Danieli Type 21.0.002117. R BGV No-Twist Stand

  • DIN 51524 Part 2

  • ISO 6743 Part 4 HM

  • SEB 181 222

  • Thyssen TH-N 256-142

  • U.S. Steel 127

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