Rust Preventative Oil 

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MotulTech have a large range of Rust Preventative oils specially developed to deal with every type of need. We are only listing a select few of the range here. Should you any specific requirements please contact us and we can discuss your need and find the exact Rust Preventative oil to meet your specifications and maximize the benefits for your operating plant.


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MT SOLV PROTECT AF is a general purpose rust preventative designed for the protection of tubes and small components. Its low viscosity enables an easy application and a rapid evaporation, lowering post-application dripping effects.


MT SOLV PROTECT AF is based on the latest generation of protection additives without barium



  • Easy application: Low viscosity providing widespread coverage of material surfaces

  • Displaces water from parts quickly

  • Prevents corrosion of material parts by air,water,other fluids and particulate matter 

  • Easy removal: Readily soluble in petroleum solvents

  • Fast evaporation rate

  • Well adapted for inter-operational protection

  • No barium or hazardous chemicals

  • High flash point allowing to work safely :>80°C

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MT SHIP PROTECT is a waxy fluid, highly water repellent, for long-term protection in harsh conditions of metals parts and assemblies. This product is based on the latest generation of protection additives without barium. They provide it excellent barrier properties and moisture repellency without hazardous components.


MT SHIP PROTECT is recommended for long-term protection of metal parts, for storage or shipping.


  • Thin film protection: 4,5 µm

  • Waxy touch film for long term protection in difficult conditions

  • Prevents corrosion of metal parts for storage or shipping

  • Displaces water from part very quickly

  • Fast evaporation rate

  • Fast desemulsification from water when dipping parts into bath.

  • Low smell


  • Without barium or hazardous components

  • High flash point : 74°C




MT SHIP PROTECT is designed for long term corrosion protection of any kind of metallic part or assembly, for storage or transportation, even in corrosive atmosphere (sea shipping).


The product forms a thin waxy film on the parts and displaces all the water present on the parts surface that might generate corrosion.


MT SHIP PROTECT can be applied by dipping or spraying.

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