Refrigeration Oil 

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MotulTech have a large range of Refrigeration oils specially developed to deal with every type of need. We are only listing a select few of the range here. Should you any specific requirements please contact us and we can discuss your need and find the exact Refrigeration oil to meet your specifications and maximize the benefits for your operating plant.

FRIGOLIS P Refrigeration compressor oils

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FRIGOLIS P is a high-quality compressor oil blended from highly refined paraffinic base stocks, designed for lubrication of ammonia and hydrocarbon (R290...) refrigerants compressors

FIGOLIS P is available in P32, P46, P68 and P100


  • Excellent oxidation and rust inhibitor

  • Low pour point, low volatility

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability minimizes the formation of gum, varnish and sludge deposits

  • Compatible with all common refrigerants including ammonia

  • Low volatility and low ammonia miscibility for increased heat transfer efficiency


DIN 51503 KA 68, FES No.1 Oil

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