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Soluble Oil 

MotulTech have a large range of Soluble Neat oils specially developed to deal with every type of need. We are only listing a few of the range here. Should you any specific requirements please contact us and we can discuss your need and find the exact Soluble Neat oil to meet your specifications and maximize the benefits for your operating plant.

SAFKOOL 6215. Micro-emulsion for ferrous materials  

SAFKOOL 6215 is a soluble concentrate particularly suitable for all metalwork requiring excellent cooling properties. SAFKOOL 6215 is reccomended for metal working of ferrous metals and copper 


SAFKOOL 6215 is:

  • Chlorine additive free,

  • nitrate free,

  • glycol ether free,

  • phosphor additive free



  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Threading

  • Grinding

  • Gearing

  • Boring

  • Drilling


  • Excellent cooling properties

  • Optimisation of surface finishes and tolerances

  • Optimum bio-stability in use

  • Very low foaming product (demineralised water compatible)

  • Operator friendly

  • Cleanliness of working environment

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SAFKOOL 6420 Hard and soft water semi-synthetic, general purpose 

SUPRACO 6420 is a water emulsifiable metalworking fluid concentrate dedicated for all grinding and machining  operations that require high cooling and high lubricating properties


SAFKOOL 6420 is recommended for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including aerospace aluminum alloys, nickel and titanium


Based on a very specific chemistry, SAFKOOL 6420  is suitable for dilution in both soft and hard water.

  • It is both formaldehydes & formaldehydes releasers free.

  • it is also Nitrites, glycol ether and DEA free, without chlorinated or sulfur additives



  • SNECMA approval on aluminum and titanium (following document n°455-201-0-00 index B)

  • Excellent non foaming properties

  • High pressure compatible (up to 70 bars)

  • HSM compatible

  • Excellent lubricating & cooling properties

  • Reduction of tools wear

  • Good separation of tramp oils

  • Good emulsion stability, even in hard waters

  • Excellent Bio stability

  • Operator friendly 

  • Cleanliness of working environment 

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