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Grantham Ventures (Australia) Pty Ltd Trading as Grantham Industrial Lubricants was established in 2005 and is an Australian Owned and Operated company, specializing in supplying a comprehensive range of quality products and services at competitive prices to cover the full range lubrication applications. 


In June 2019 we were appointed as the master distributor of MotulTech products in Australia. MotulTech is the industrial lubricant division of the French-based Motul oil. Motul oil was established in 1853 and built a reputation as a leading innovator of new quality products.  Some examples include: the first oil company to develop a multi-grade motor oil; the first oil company to develop a semi-synthetic motor oil; the first oil company to develop a fully synthetic motor oil and now the first oil company to develop a hybrid-specific motor oil.

The MotulTech Industrial oil range consists of more than 200 specialised products including Bio-degradable and fire-resistant hydraulic oils, a full range of lubricants for food production, the Baraldi extrusion and high pressure die casting products and a normal full range of general industrial lubricants.    Grantham Lubricants can supply the whole range at competitive prices,  Australia wide. 

We are focused on the maintenance fundamentals that underpin improvement initiatives
We have both quality products and technical integrity to improve your bottom line
We will deliver to any address in Australia

Our management team have more than 80 years' combined experience in the Oil Industry and also have expert knowledge in Ultrasound assisted lubrication, correct use of Electro-Lubers, Filtration and Storing and Handling of lubricants. Our mission is to provide a full spectrum of lubricant related products, advice and training to assist our clients in achieving the highest level of production efficiency at a competitive price. 

Andre Jooste - Managing Director

Andre has 35 years of work experience in mining, manufacturing, and oil industry. He has worked for BHP Billiton, SABMiller, TOTAL the oil and gas company and Shell. In this period he gained valuable experience on various production lines, mining operations and lubricant related product development. At TOTAL he was directly responsible for a lubricant blend plant operation. 


Andre started Grantham Ventures in 2005.


Andre holds a Masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and attended specialist Oil Industry related courses at the Institut Francais Du Petrole, Paris, France, The College of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Oxford University, Oxford, UK and Harvard Business School. 

Andre holds an ISO Level II Industrial Ultrasound Certification and is Certified as Trainer for ISO Level I Industrial Ultrasound Certification 

Andre is based in Melbourne, VIC 

David Pope - Oil Industry Advisor
David is a director of several companies and has more than 30 years of Industry experience across all facets of Australian industry. He had held several senior roles in Shell and other Australian and International companies before he started his own consulting company in 2011. 
David holds Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and is based in Brisbane, QLD.

Ian Ware -  Industry Adviser

Ian has 30 years of maintenance & reliability experience across all facets of Australian industry.

He held senior business development roles for both Shell and PALL corporation before starting his own businesses in 2010 specialising in contamination control & condition monitoring solutions.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Engineering, is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), holds an ISO level III Ultrasound Certification and is Certified as Trainer for ISO Level II Industrial Ultrasound Certification.

Ian is based on the Gold Coast, QLD

Karin Grobler - Business Advisor 


Karin has more than 20 years experience as a systems and business analyst with strong process management skills. She has a focus on continuous improvement and achieving operational efficiency and increasing client satisfaction while lowering cost


Karin holds a Masters of Business Administration (Melbourne Business School, 2012); Bachelor of Commerce; Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate diploma in Web Development.


Karin is also a Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) (Project Management Institute, USA)

Karin is based in Melbourne, VIC 

MotulTech arrives in Australia

The MotulTech Story 

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Not only does our team have a combined 80 years experience in the Oil Industry, we also have expert knowledge in Ultrasound assisted lubrication, correct use of Electro Lubers, Filtration, Storing and Handling of lubricants. 

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